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MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane or Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) is a naturally occurring sulfur compound found in our bodies as well as in many common beverages and foods, including milk, coffee, tea and green vegetables. MSM supplies the body with an organic form of sulfur which plays a crucial role in forming muscles, nails, hair and skin as well as building healthy cells. Sulfur is necessary for making collagen, the primary constituent of cartilage and connective tissue. It is responsible for the formation of body proteins through the formation of disulfide bonds, which hold connective tissue together. MSM has been shown to add flexibility to cell walls while allowing fluids to pass through the tissue more easily. MSM enhances tissue pliability and encourages the repair of damaged skin.

Dietary MSM comes from fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, meats, seafood, and milk. However, cooking or even moderate processing of these products tends to drive out or destroy the MSM content. People, generally speaking, will be sulfur-deficient unless they eat their fish and meat raw and their vegetables unwashed and uncooked. Furthermore, MSM levels in humans decline with age, resulting in symptoms of fatigue, tissue and organ malfunction, and increased susceptibility to disease. Theses facts have led to the recent popularization of MSM as a dietary supplement

Naturally-occurring sulfur, such as that found in MSM, is not similar to inorganic sulfides, sulfites and sulfates to which many people are allergic. In its purified chemical form, MSM is an odorless, essentially tasteless, white, water-soluble crystalline solid. It is one of the safest substances in biology, similar in toxicity to water.

The cycle of MSM begins in the ocean where microscopic plants called plankton release sulfur compounds. These salts are transformed in the ocean water into the very volatile compound dimethyl sulfide (DMS) which escapes from the ocean as a gas. DMS rises into the upper atmosphere, and in the presence of ozone and high-energy ultraviolet light, gets oxidized twice, converting it to DMSO2 , otherwise known as MSM. Unlike the DMS, MSM is very soluble in water, and returns to earth in the form of rain. On earth, plants take MSM into their root systems and concentrate it. MSM and the sulfur it contains is incorporated into the plants' structure. Through the plants' metabolism, MSM, along with other sulfur compounds it has spawned, is ultimately mineralized and transported back to the sea.

MSM Research

Recent research is offering new hope for arthritis sufferers seeking a new, natural approach to alleviating pain.

A small, double-blind study of patients with proven degenerative joint disease found that those who took 2250 milligrams of MSM daily for six weeks reported an 82 percent average improvement in pain relief, compared to an 18 percent improvement reported by patients receiving the placebo treatment.

Acording to Ronald M. Lawrence, M.D., Ph.D, co-author of The Miracle of MSM , those taking MSM to alleviate their arthritis pain may also find improvement in the health of their hair and nails. In two recent double-blind, placebo-controlled, pilot trials, performed by Dr. Lawrence, oral supplementation with MSM proved to be a valuable addition to hair and nail growth. Hair and nail health was significantly improved in a short term of six weeks.

`“I have been prescribing MSM for my patients experiencing pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia, and they kept saying how great their hair and nails looked,” said Cathleen London, M.D., a Boston-based family practitioner. “It’s good to see an efficacy study confirm that there are benefits in this area.”

The study showed 50 percent of the subjects taking MSM showed increased nail length and nail thickness growth compared to the group on placebo, and 100 percent of the subjects taking MSM showed increased hair growth compared to the group on placebo. In addition, 30 percent of the subjects taking MSM showed improvement in hair brilliance, while none of the subjects on placebo showed such an improvement.


Q: What is MSM? Where does it come from? What does it do?

A: MSM is a source of organic sulfur derived from nature. MSM has many benefits but is mostly used for pain relief and reduction of inflammation associated with arthritis and a variety of other ailments.

Q: If MSM is natural and occurs in nature, why do I need to supplement it?

A: Most people do not eat enough of the proper foods to assure adequate sulfur stores in the body. Most foods today are over-processed, heated, or just lack adequate amounts of sulfur. MSM supplementation easily and cheaply provides this important mineral.

Q: Can I tell if I am MSM deficient?

A: Scientists believe that many people have a deficiency of sulfur. Sulfur is excreted by the body continuously and is not generally replaced at a rate to allow an abundance in the body. Unless you are supplementing with MSM (organic sulfur) you may be sulfur deficient.

Q: How do I know how much MSM to take and can I take too much?

A: Most individuals will benefit from 2-10 grams (2000-10000 mg) of MSM daily. MSM is safe and non-toxic. It has a toxicity similar to that of water so it would be difficult to take too much. Your body uses what it needs from ingested MSM and gets rid of the rest, therefore it is almost impossible to take too much.

Q: How safe is MSM?

A: MSM is exceptionally safe. Tests have shown it to be similar in toxicity to water. Remember, MSM is a natural supplement and your body will use only what it needs.

Q: Can I take MSM while taking my prescribed drugs?

A: Although you should always consult your physician before starting any new dietary regimen, MSM has not been shown to interact with any prescribed medications. Often, MSM supplementation is used in conjunction with medical treatment. MSM is an excellent food supplement in support of medical treatment.

Q: Can MSM be taken with food or should it be taken on an empty stomach?

A: Most experts recommend that MSM be taken with food, although it is not absolutely necessary. By taking MSM with food, the chances of minor gastrointestinal upset can be reduced.

Q: Is it true that MSM can help my allergies?

A: MSM improves the body’s ability to create barriers against allergens. Oral MSM has been shown to alleviate the allergic response to pollen and to foods.

Q: How does MSM help relieve pain?

A: Use of MSM has been shown to reduce the rigidity of cells in soft tissues of the body. By reducing this rigidity, fluids are able to pass more freely from the cell and this helps reduce cell pressure, thereby reducing inflammation and pain.

Q: Will taking MSM increase my energy levels?

A: Although there is no guarantee of increased energy levels, many individuals claim increased levels of energy. This occurs mainly because of the increased cell flexibility and permeability. MSM allows better use of oxygen and nutrients by the cells and more efficient removal of waste products.

Q: How can MSM help my skin problems?

A: Because high levels of organic sulfur are found in the skin, hair, and nails, deficiencies of sulfur will obviously affect these areas. Many individuals taking MSM notice enhancement of the skin, hair, and nails as well as other functions of the body.

Q: If I am allergic to sulfa drugs, can I take MSM?

A: MSM is in no way related to sulfa drugs and can be taken safely by people who are allergic to sulfa drugs. MSM is extremely safe, non-toxic, and non-allergenic.

Q: Are there any benefits for athletes using MSM?

A: MSM is very beneficial to athletes and active individuals. MSM has been shown to improve post workout recovery and to decrease recovery time for soft tissue injuries in athletes.


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